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    What up my knitta?



    On friday, one week before comiccon, I remembered this scene from bob’s burgers. I had to go for it. So I worked really hard with the help of espphoto to get this done in a week. It was knit plain and then the yellow lettering was duplicate stitched on top to save time.

    The color chart is posted here and can be used on any sweater (or anything) that’s more than 48 stitches across. There’s no pattern for the sweater because it was improvised. It’s pretty cool to know that I can make a body first and then calculate a sleeve cap to perfectly fit in the armscye without any problems. Set in sleeves are my favorite patterns to draft and seam.

    I’ll post some photos of the con later this week.

    Knittaz 4 life !!!

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  2. Who is this; I want to thank you in person.

  3. Work selfie

    Work selfie

  4. I free styled it! All I did was curve the granny square and pick up the crochet stitches with knitting.

  5. Pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, tomato slices

  6. Only Bugs

  7. I thought that was you. I could tell by the beard and the sardonic look on your face.

    You know me so well.

  8. I can’t tell which one is you. All ya’ll hillbillies look alike!!

    Shut up, Brian. You know damn well I’m the one on the right.

  9. At my parents house

    At my parents house

  10. Monkey bread

    Monkey bread


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